ATHENIAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS S.A. (ATHINAIKES), is an Athens-based Enterprise specializing in:

Our competitive advantage is our partnership and collaboration with the international market leaders in each of our respective field of activities, allowing us to draw on resources and know-how, benefit from being associated with established brands, and be part of global networks.

In particular, our Real Estate Development arm is run in partnership with REGUS, the undisputed leader in the provision of office solutions, who manage our office space on our behalf.

Test Centers are operated on behalf of PROMETRIC, a world-wide provider of testing facilities.

Our Hospitality related activities are serviced through our subsidiary, Athenian Destination Management Services.

Given our experience in the industries and markets we operate we now actively seek to offer our expertise to other businesses and individuals alike by adding value to underperforming and non-utilised assets, and exploring joint opportunities in the real estate and hospitality sectors.